Undergraduates participate in neurosciences symposium in record numbers

A record 195 neuroscientists came to this year’s Neurosciences Snowbird Symposium, Super-Glue: Roles for Glia in the Nervous System, and the Third Annual Society for Neuroscience Intermountain Chapter Poster Presentation held on November 2 at Snowbird Resort. Researchers from the University of Utah and Brigham Young University presented 29 posters, with an unprecedented eight posters from undergraduates.

“This year we encouraged undergraduate participation for the first time because we thought it would be good to increase undergraduate involvement in the Intermountain Branch,” said chapter president, Jeff Edwards, Ph.D., from BYU. The top presenters in each category earned cash prizes.

The first place undergraduate winner, Justin Pinto from BYU, impressed judges with his ability to explain his work, its background, and significance. He also performed the research by himself, a rarity among undergraduates. “We will continue to encourage undergraduate participation,” said Edwards. “I think it was successful and a positive for the meeting.”

Congratulations to the poster presentation winners! Click here to download abstracts.

Undergraduate students
1st place: Justin Pinto (Jesse Gray Lab), BYU, “Algorithms by which the genome interprets neural activity”
2nd place: Amanda Oechsle (Pat McAllister Lab), U of U, “Decorin attenuates the development of communicating hydrocephalus in juvenile rats”

Graduate students
1st place: Melissa Barker-Haliski (Kristen Keefe Lab), U of U, “Subcellular expression of immediate early genes Arc/Arg3.1 and zif268/egr-1 in striatal efferent neurons and disruption by METH induced neurotoxicity”
2nd place: Dipan C. Patel (Karen Wilcox Lab), U of U, “Cross-talk between inflammation and oxidative stress in an infection induced model of epilepsy”

Postdoctoral fellow
1st place: Scott Lauritzen (Robert Marc Lab), U of U, “Connectomics analysis of rod-cone interaction networks”

Last Updated: 3/14/13