NERG - Neural Engineering Research Group

University of Utah's rich history in neural engineering has given rise to a vibrant community of leading experts in relevant fields, including: brain-computer interfaces, optogenetics, deep brain stimulation, neuromodulation, microelectrode array technology, and auditory, cortical, and retinal prostheses.

NERG was created to foster collaborations among Utah's neural engineering researchers, clinicians, and corporations, with the goal of developing new diagnostics and therapies for neurological disorders. NERG members actively participate in biweekly research-in-progress meetings. In addition the Brain Institute sponsors invited-speaker seminars, and community-building socials for the group. NERG welcomes new members into this collegial, interactive, and integrated community.

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A 16-channel grid of nonpenetrating microwires with 1 mm inter-electrode spacing, used to record millimeter-scale field potentials from the cortical surface; shown next to a U.S. quarter dollar coin for scale.(Spencer Kellis)

Last Updated: 8/27/13